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Equal Rights Amendment  NOW-New York State supports passage of the Equal Rights Amendment, also known as The Alice Paul Amendment. Until ratification of the ERA, steps must be taken to guarantee the full rights of every citizen and eliminate inequities in existing law. More information on the ERA.
Reproductive Freedom and Health Care  The right to control one's own body is fundamental to the freedom and integrity of every human being. Full reproductive rights must be protected for all women regardless of age or ability to pay. In addition, NOW-New York State affirms that adequate health care is a right that must be extended to every citizen. More information on health care.
Ending Racial Discrimination  NOW-New York State supports legislative initiatives to eliminate racism. NOW-New York State supports the repeal of the death penalty and Affirmative Action programs. More information on racial and ethnic diversity and Affirmative Action.
Lesbian Rights  Legislation supporting equal marriage, domestic partnerships, and gay civil rights is supported by NOW-New York State. More information on lesbian rights and marriage equality.
Ending Violence Against Women  Women as a class are targets of violence including rape, sexual abuse, battering, stalking, harassment, and genital mutilation. NOW-New York State is committed to assuring the full safety and protection of all citizens and non-citizen residents within the state. More information on ending violence against women.
Ending the Business of Human Trafficking  The United States is the second highest destination in the world for trafficking victims, bringing in an estimated 17,500 women every year.  New York is a leading entry, transit, and destination point for victims. Brothels disguised as massage parlors are prevalent throughout the state, shamelessly advertised in local newspapers and online. More information on anti-trafficking.
Pay Equity   NOW-New York State supports legislation that provides equality in jobs, pay, child care, credit, insurance, pensions, fringe benefits and Social Security. NOW-New York State is actively opposed to punitive welfare reform that harms the most vulnerable women and children in our society. More information on women in the workplace and welfare reform.
Domestic Relations  As a result of current divorce practices and laws, women and children are falling into poverty. Every effort must be made to assure fairness in all domestic relations law. More information on family issues.

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