Annual NOW New York State Convention!

Hofstra University

Maurice A. Deane School of Law
121 Hofstra University, Room 308
Hempstead, Long Island, NY 11550

Saturday, November 19th, 11:00 am - 5:00 pm


Breaking Barriers

Join NOW New York for a celebration of breaking barriers and setting a new feminist agenda! Learn how you can take action to advance women and girls, get strong women candidates elected, and build your activist and feminist toolkits. We'll be hosting discussions on ending child marriage in our state, holding our institutions accountable for taking rape seriously, and leveraging this year's presidential election for positive change.  Join us for a day of discussion, networking, learning, and celebration.


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NOW New York Voter Guide

Get Out and Vote November 8th!

There's no question that the health and lives of women and girls are at stake in this election. Not only do we have an opportunity to make history by electing the first woman president of the United States, but it's critical that we support pro-choice and pro-women's rights candidates at every level.  Learn more about the candidates NOW supports:

NOW NY's Endorsements for State Senate and Assembly

NOW's Endorsements for Congress in NY

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NOW NY Calls on G.O.P. to Dump Trump

Dump Trump

"It's long overdue that we call out those Republican lawmakers and candidates who are still with Donald Trump. With his litany of hateful rhetoric against women, Mexican people, immigrants, Muslims and others, the G.O.P. should have dumped Trump long ago." - Sonia Ossorio, NOW NY President

Press Release: NOW NY Asks Do You Support Trump or Women?

New York Passes Equal Pay Bill!

Thanks to you, New York women are moving out of the RED, and we are one huge step closer to closing the wage gap in our state!

After several years of targeted advocacy and lobbying efforts by NOW and our allies, the New York State legislature passed a strong equal pay package, including A.6075. This bill will end wage secrecy, strengthen enforcement of our anti-discrimination laws, and increase damages for victims of pay discrimination.

"We applaud the Assembly for making a commitment to put families first, particularly the many single mothers and growing numbers of women who are struggling to support their households and their children."
- Sonia Ossorio, President, NOW NY

NY Makes it Harder to Discriminate Against Women Employees

NOW New York Memo of Support: Equal Pay Bill

Trafficking Victims Protection & Justice Act
To Become Law!

The New York State Assembly has unanimously passed the TVPJA. Thank you to all the dedicated NOW members and activists who tirelessly advocated to make this law a reality.

TVPJA, which is on its way to be signed into law by the Governor, will reform the criminal justice system to increase the rights of trafficking victims, increase victims' access to services and hold traffickers and buyers accountable. TVPJA was passed along with five other strong anti-human trafficking measures that will expand safe housing services for victims, create a new reporting hotline, and provide training to employees of gaming facilities on human trafficking.

Trafficking Victims Protection & Justice Act

Human trafficking affects thousands of our most vulnerable in every corner of this state--from girls prostituted in Buffalo to laborers exploited on farms in Columbia County. Your efforts will help the thousands of children, women and men trafficked for sex and labor in New York.

We look forward to our continued work to advance other measures critical to women and girls, including legislation that will fight for reproductive health, equal pay, fair workplaces, paid family leave, and child care. We won't stop advocating for New York's women and girls, and we know you won't either!

NOW New York Calls Out Sexual Harassment

The Times Union recently featured NOW New York State's Op-Ed about the negative impact of sexual harassment in the workplace. In it, NOW New York calls on new Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie and the legislature to make real change for women in 2015. President Sonia Ossorio said, "Speaker Heastie can take bold and immediate action to set a new course, one that ushers in substantive change that will improve the lives of the women of New York."

Read the Full Commentary Here

NOW - NYS Remembers Faith Seidenberg

Longtime NOW leader Faith Seidenberg passed away on January 16 at the age of 91. Faith was a widely respected civil rights attorney for more than 50 years who won important victories for women, minorities, and the incarcerated. She served as the National Vice President of NOW and established the ACLU’s Women’s Legal Defense Fund. In 1970 she successfully sued McSorley’s Ale House, a Manhattan tavern that refused to serve women, and changed public accommodations law nationwide.

Sadly late last year we also lost her fellow plaintiff in that case, Karen DeCrow. Karen was the President of NOW from 1974-1977. In 1969 she ran for Mayor of Syracuse—becoming the first woman to run for mayor of a major city in New York State. She was a tireless crusader for the ERA who debated Phyllis Schafly across the country on the merits of the amendment and she fought for Title XI to include women’s college sports.

Both Faith and Karen were feminist powerhouses and we are proud of their legacies.

The Time for Feminism is NOW

Thank You, NOW New York members, for speaking up and speaking out! When TIME Magazine suggested banning the word "feminist," we launched a protest poll to question the many words that are used to demean women and perpetuate sexism.

The responses were so powerful, we are sharing them here. Be sure to follow our tumblr or check back regularly for a daily does of feminist inspiration!

NOW-NYS demonstrates against Time Magazine

Meet Your New NOW-NYS Leaders!

Sonia Ossorio, President
Jean Bucaria, Executive Vice President
Kristin Gardner, Legislative Vice President
Gabriela Moreno, Secretary

We are honored to have been elected by the members of NOW New York. Thank you for your support. We look forward to working with chapter leaders and members across the state to grow our strength, our power, and our impact on women's rights in New York.

Please stay tuned for many exciting changes, here online and on the ground. Thank you for your patience as we transition. You may temporarily reach NOW-NYS at nownewyorkstate@gmail.com or 212-627-9350.

NOW - NYS leadership

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